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    Boost your business exposure to targeted audiences and enjoy unprecedented advertising ROI—all with the Web Key!
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    Test. Measure. real-time. See the results as they happen. KNOW precisely how your campaign is performing 24/7.
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  • Better Data. Better ROI.

    Access your results from any location on your mobile device. Adapt and respond to changes in your campaign immediately. Know where you stand. Maximize ROI in real-time.
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  • WebCard
webkey-brochures-webcard Interactive Tri-Fold design. Simple detach gets results. +

Tri-Fold Design

Full color webkey

webkey-webcard-brochures4 Direct embed. Punch-through extraction. Easy to use. +

Embedded WebKey

Seamless integration

webkey-webcard-brochures5 Two-sided, full color print. Keep them engaged. Measure it. +

Postcard Embed

Increase conversions


Give them the Key to your online content!

When you add a fully customized webcard to your company's advertising cards, you're turning this cost-effective marketing piece into a virtual key that lets them unlock further engaging and valuable content online! These lightweight, flexible, easy-to-use webcards are an efficient and effective way to engage your audience on a whole new level, whether you're promoting product launches, expanding our business brand, or up-selling special offers.


Empower Your Mailers

Direct Mailers may seem like an out-of-date marketing method--but when you incorporate a seamlessly embedded paper web key, a static mailer comes to life as an exciting opportunity for prospects to engage with your dynamic online content!

The Connect-To-Web® paper web key is perfectly designed to meet USPS postage regulations and, once plugged into any computer's USB port, automatically guides clients straight to your chosen landing site!


A bold presence between the pages

Turn flat ads in magazines or trade journals into interactive experiences through integrated paper webkeys! When readers discover your custom-branded webkey, they're given a powerful call to action that draws them to your website or other online content. The paper webkey's simply plug-n-perform functionality empowers your online brand without any further effort on your part!


Bring the power of personal touch to your customer programs!

It seems almost every company has an incentive program in play. How to make yours stand out? By turning those membership cards into keys to deeper client relationships! These customized "loyalty" cards come with a web key integrated into the ultra-thin, yet sturdy plastic frame. Your customers get to enjoy personalized online content and offers, while you get to reap rewards such as vital client data, traffic patterns, and deeper engagement!

Paper WebKey gets 18% - 25 % Open Rates


The Connect-To-Web Key has proven to be one of the most effective interactive marketing tools, complete with real-time online metrics, customized/personalized landing pages and more.

We provide the only trackable paper web key complete with direct marketing strategies and consultation to help you achieve maximum ROI on all your campaigns. Call us today and talk with a paper web key expert.  The paper webkey can be embedded in almost any print publication from magazines, postcards, tri-folds etc. etc.

Hundreds of companies trust the Connect To Web® paper webkey. Contact us to talk about you or your clients can benefit.


How it works

The paper web key is proven to increase open rates and prospect interaction. Companies are experiencing 18% to 25% levels of engagement. This is incredible depth for a marketing piece to achieve.


Case Studies

webkey-webcard-redbull Custom-made booklets that were handed-out to the target group. +
webkey-webcard-ibm Cards handed-out during tradeshows throughout North America. +
webkey-webcard-monster Bundled into a communication kit comprising several giveaways. +
webkey-webcard-ald Distributed via a nation-wide direct mailing campaign. +
webkey-webcard-boularta Inserted on a double spread ad and distributed through 3,500 magazines. +

More Case Studies